7th Annual National Conference

SNCC 2024

Society of Neurocritical Care

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The Crossword Solution


[1] Established first intensive care unit in John Hopkins Institute
[2] Wrote the famous book ‘The Cerebral cortex of man’
[5] First trial to suggest efficacy of minimally invasive removal of ICH
[6] Discovered the EEG
[8] Sacred carvings in the papyrus are known as
[9] Biological technique to control neurons with light
[11] Newer ultrashort acting benzodiazepine


[3] Objective of conducting modified Brice interview
[4] Neurotransmitter affected in Huntington’s disease
[7] Cannabidiol drug approved for epilepsy disorders
[10] Sign related to brain death
[12] Ganglion involved in trigeminal neuralgia